Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Most Simple trick to Loss Weight - Buy A Digital Weight Machine and Check Your Weight Daily

You must be wondering why I am sharing a weight loss or physical fitness tip in my Java programming blog? Well, after reading Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual by John Sonmez, a software developer, and life coach, I found that fitness is very important for programmers and it's about time we should take it seriously.  In general, programmers and IT professionals are not the most physically active persons and hence the easy target for the life-threating disease like heart-attack and diabetic. I started my weight loss journey last year, achieved something but lost it again due to busy work schedule. In this article, I am going to share some of my experience, starting with the most simple trick to lose weight, which worked for me and helped me to lose 8Kg in 3 months.

Yes, one of the simplest tricks which helped me to lose significant weight in 2 to 3 month was just checking my weight every day. This tip is so simple but yet very powerful that every time I have followed it I have lost weight.

Like many programmers, I was also not paying any attention to my fitness and keep gaining pounds after pounds in last 10 years. So much so that, I moved from 54 Kg in 2006 to 82 Kg in 2017. The worst part of my weight gain was that most of them were accumulated into my belly :-).

After hearing horror stories of heart attacks and diabetics in the 40s and 50s due to the passive lifestyle, I started taking my physical fitness little bit seriously in the last couple of year but my enthusiasm never lasted more than a week.

In such enthusiasm, I bought an electronic weight machine, Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus, which not only displays your weight but also your body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and your metabolic age.

The most simple trick to lose weight - Buy an electronic weight machine

This was an awesome product but my enthusiasm didn't last long and I slowly stopped checking my weight.

One reason of that was my weighing scale was not easily accessible. Since, it was new, I kept this weighing scale safely inside a closet which was not easily accessible, so after a couple of days of the hassle of getting it out, putting batteries, weighing, and then removing batteries and putting it inside, I lost the enthusiasm and my weight loss journey ended without any significant result.

After few months, I again got the kick when I met a group of programmers exercising together. This time, I took one decision which helped me a lot in losing 8 Kg weight in 3 months - I went from 80Kg to 72Kg in 3 months.

I took out my Tanita weighing scale from my closet and I put it where I keep my shoes. This increased the accessibility and I started checking my weight daily, and sometimes, even twice a day.

This single step motivated me to lose weight every day e.g. when I see my weight going up, I stop eating and start drinking more water. I also get the motivation to do more exercise e.g. cardio exercises like running and resistance exercise like push-ups and sit-ups.

This simple act of checking weight daily make my mind more alert towards the weight gain, which actually motivated me to do things that directly relates to losing weight e.g eating less, drinking more water, and doing exercise.

Btw, the end is not so pleasant, I kept my weight under 72Kg for more than 6 months but then I got more and more busy with work, and my eating and exercise routine got broken. I also stopped checking my weight daily and the result is I was back to 80Kg in less than 3 months :-(

Now, I am again gearing for losing weight and so I thought to share this tip with you as fitness is very important, especially for programmers like us which does a sedentary job and doesn't do a lot minimum Physical activity i.e. more than 150 minutes of physical activity in a week.

When it comes to buying weight machine, I prefer to buy an electronic or digital weighing machine, something which not just tell you the weight, but other important health metrics e.g. fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, visceral fat, metabolic age, and water percentage etc.

Btw, Tanita is not the only brand for digital weighing scales, you can also checkout Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale and 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale which also comes with their iOs and Android App and you can connect using Bluetooth and record your body weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat and other important health metrics.

Best digital weight machine for programmers

This helps you to find whether your weight loss journey is going into the right direction or not. We all want to lose weight but more precisely, we want to lose fat, not the muscle mass, hence knowing that from where exactly your weight loss numbers are coming is very important and that's where these digital weight machines help.

Btw, I personally found Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus best when it comes to digital weighing scale if you like you can also buy that. It's not very expensive and there are a lot of choices available depending upon your need and interest.

The key point is that, you must check your weight daily. This is the single most important tip to lose weight and keep it under control. Rest will be done by your mind.


Prasanna said...

Hi Javin,
Its really a good advice and i like your idea of keeping weighing machine where its accessible. I also bought weighing machine with same motive and made the mistake what you have mentioned. I will pull it from my closet now. I love your posting. Keep posting topics like this, if it helps someone that will be very nice.

joshua.thompson37 said...

This article was pretty good with teaching me alternative ways of my life long struggle to lose weight. SO far I have found this website to be the most helpful.

Anonymous said...

less food always works, as does skipping breakfast.

Javin Paul said...

@Anonymous, skipping breakfast does work but I don't like that Idea because its very important meal of the day. Instead of Breakfast I prefer to skip dinner or just drink milk, that helps.

Javin Paul said...

Hello @Prasanna, yes, human is lazy by nature, hence accessibility matters. If it's easy to use, you will more likely to use it. Some people, also keep weighing scale in bathroom, which is also a good idea.

James said...

Thank you for sharing this idea! Exercise has been a challenge which I have to this point been failing at -- My brain gets bored way too easily during exercise time, so I need to work out how I'm going to occupy it during the time. I'm going to try your suggesting and simply move the scale down by my shoes.

Javin Paul said...

@James, sometime I also feel bored of exercise but I somehow find something e.g. joining a group which is going for run, exercising in groups, dancing , playing children games with kids ... yup that work well and kids also become happy :-)

Javin Paul said...

Ah, and did I forget, doing household chores, which not keep you physically active but also keep your better half happy :-)

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